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Meet the Future of Hydration.

Kadeya's mission is to free the world from single-use plastic by offering simple hydration solutions. Kadeya is disrupting the supply chain of water bottles through smart hydration vending machines that source and package water locally in glass and stainless-steel bottles instead of globally shipped one-use water bottles. Kadeya's vision is to enable circularity in hydration through an all-in-one water filling and sterilization machine. The in-machine sanitization will allow the returning, cleaning, and reusing of water bottles from the same or different machines. Hydration goals and impact statistics are tracked via the Kadeya app and gamified for optimal user experience.

Erasing Borders.

Exporto's mission is to erase borders between online retailers and consumers. The company developed automated technologies and large, highly efficient logistics networks in Europe. Exporto excels at providing a stellar customer experience and simplifying complex customs and tax. The agile approach also enables the choosing of preferred carriers, swift handling of returns, and data insights across the entire supply chain. With Exporto, borders between retailers and customers are no longer an issue.

Connecting Growth.

Bridge for Billions is on a mission to democratize innovation-based entrepreneurship and support diversity, efficiency, opportunities, and fair distribution. The digital incubator enables founders to realize their vision by offering a tailored program that supports early-stage ventures with an impact focus. Development agencies, NGOs, and corporate partners sponsor programs in over 125 countries while experienced mentors from various sectors, a peer-led community, and other resources within Bridge for Billions prepare the start-ups to kick-start their businesses.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future.

Verdeco is the leading rPET innovator in the US market, offering innovative, FDA-approved rPET solutions. Verdeco‘s highly customized innovations target several markets food & beverage, medical care, and cosmetics. In its in-house Innovation Center of Excellence, Verdeco develops, tests, and formulates proprietary solutions meeting the most challenging customer specifications, which could previously only be met by virgin materials and can now enter the circular economy, reducing plastic waste.

Empowering Doctors in Latin America.

Docred is the first Latin American digital ecosystem for physicians that connects various health actors with the latest clinical studies and findings. The platform enables certified doctors to interact with other medical professionals fostering a quality increase of diagnosis accuracy and patient experience in Latin America. Docred’s multichannel approach includes guidelines, clinical cases, and medical news, expert videos, discussions, and courses that facilitate medical decisions. DocRed aims to be the medical community in Spanish that, through the exchange of knowledge, contributes to greater health.

A New Way to Feel Connected to People.

Emerge® is revolutionizing virtual experiences by developing cutting-edge technology that connects people around the world. Using brain activity-powered Emotion AI, Emerge transcends space and time through a multi-sensory communication platform that projects sight, sound, touch, and brain activity. The innovation enables people to interact with each other through all senses in real time using Emerge’s ultrasonic forcefields that translate on-screen visuals into actual physical sensations. The LA-based company closed a partnership with The Walt Disney Company among others.

Pioneer of Electric Propulsion Systems.

Enpulsion is on a mission to revolutionize propulsion in space through its compact, modular, and powerful ionized propulsion systems. Enpulsion’s portfolio of electric propulsion solutions for small-sat satellites supports the ambitious goal of transforming the near-earth economy through the development of space-based infrastructure. Over 30 years of research and development in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) resulted in cutting-edge technology reaching a new level of maneuverability and extending orbit life. Enpulsion sets a benchmark for how to build spacecraft technologies.

The medical Tool for Doctors & Physicians.

medflex is on a mission to simplify patient communication in healthcare by giving providers an easy, accessible, and secure platform. medflex enables healthcare providers and their teams to receive and process all incoming patient requests via one central platform. Patients request appointments, repeat prescriptions, medical results, and other queries directly on the healthcare provider's website, which is connected to the medflex platform. The medflex platform enables task sharing and efficient work management for practitioners. Features beyond the core patient request management include messaging and certified video calls, allowing synchronous and asynchronous communication and giving healthcare providers more flexibility in their daily workload.

Indias's Largest Online Doctor Community.

Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest-growing online community of healthcare providers. Docplexus’ platform empowers doctors by providing them with the latest medical discoveries and a platform to engage in medical knowledge to foster informed decision-making, enabling improved healthcare and patient outcomes. The online platform facilitates dialogue among the physician community and leading medical experts. Docxplexus offers a variety of content formats, including expert webinars, news on treatment guidelines, certified educational resources, and daily industry updates to further its vision of creating a healthier world powered by information that is credible, clinically sound, and easily accessible.

Digital Imaging Company Light.

In-Vision designs and produces Digital Light Processing (DLP) systems for advanced applications like 3D printing, metrology, and lithography. The company challenges engineering and manufacturing standards expanding its pipeline with innovations including 4D printing and ultra-precision bioprinting. In-Vision’s product portfolio encompasses high-end projection lenses, the world's most potent DLP-based light engines, and a 3D printer for almost unlimited building size. In-Vision’s tailor-made solutions target various markets like Bioengineering, Additive Manufacturing, Lithography, and Metrology.

The Platform for Students. is an educational platform that helps students to reach their full potential in school and beyond. Regardless of their social and financial background, students can use a peer-to-peer system to find a matching learning buddy either in the same school or across schools. offers a variety of development opportunities for students including workshops and events, where students can develop their personality and social skills. The platform has an exclusive network of companies enabling students to find their first job or apprenticeship with

Smart Bags for Smart Customers.

Bgood’s mission is to become the number one sustainability platform, incentivizing sustainable behaviour through a gamified approach. The platform helps retailers and sustainable companies to educate their consumers about the environmental and personal benefits of their products in a digital and interactive way. Bgoods platform rewards every sustainable act with seeds that can be donated by users to support environmental projects that help reforestation and collection of ocean plastic waste. Users can earn seeds in many ways such as using their goodbag, bgoods sustainable shopping bag, and scanning a barcode of sustainable products.

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